IWS Water proof 5 gallon.jpg
  • Environmentally Friendly, No VOC'S, Low Odor: Completely water based, cold fluid applied, does not require any dangerous special equipment to apply; just a roller or paint brush.

  • Self-Healing: Even when cut or punctured, IWS Water Proof has the ability to seal itself.

  • 1,000% Elongation: Exceptional durability and performance over high movement areas.

  • Covers Up To 50 Square Feet Per Gallon, 250 Square Feet per 5 Gallon Pail

  • Adheres to Most Clean Surfaces: IWS Water Proof will adhere to concrete, wood, metal, rubber, shingles, and most other construction materials

IWS Water Proof: The same premium commercial grade product that’s been trusted and used by quality contractors on large scale restoration projects is now available in gallon pails for smaller projects and residential use. IWS’s Water Proof is a safe, environmentally friendly, no-fume, water-based, industrial strength waterproofing material that can be applied with a brush or roller. This revolutionary formulation creates a rubber barrier that blocks out water intrusion. For use on concrete, wood, metal, rubber and most other construction materials. Great for sealing foundations, basement walls, gutters, roof seams, flat roofs, RV and trailer roofs, anywhere waterproofing is needed. Can be applied over wood, concrete, stucco, metal siding, masonry (Brick and Block), drywall, gypsum. Can be used to repair openings, splits or cracks in any surface. Permanent repair of the following: Exterior: foundations, patio porches, garage floors, window frames, window ledges, crawl spaces, wall penetrations. columns, fascia board. Roofs: gutters, chimneys, roof penetrations, eaves, flashings, roof flashings Interior: showers, basement walls. More info at www.WaterproofingRedefined.com