• 4 colors and 10 sizes, most useful household sizes meet most useful repair needs

  • 300pcs within a reusable plastic case organized in compartments for easy storage

  • Constructed from durable plastic to last for years. self-drilling screws kit is made of high quality Stainless Steel

  • Useful for different needs:hang bathroom/kitchen accessories, shelving, light fixtures, mirrors, picture frames, and more

  • warranty: Package includes expansion tube and self-tapping screws and one-year product replacement

Leanking strives to manufacture best possible products for our customers ,we love our customers and emphasis on user experience ,we never finished improving our products!
This kit of anchors is very useful to settle small projects without having to leave home. The package comes with plastic anchors and screws, ideal for hanging panels, decorative items, pictures and mirrors on plaster or concrete walls.
Perfect for blinds, shelf, arts and so on. Providing a flush, clean appearance in drywall.
Plastic (nylon) drywall anchors and Stainless Steel Screws ensure long time use.
Unique design increase holding power. The screws will go in easily and securely without breaking.
Different size and colors will meet your any requirement.
Good Assortment box with specification label to improve your work efficiency.

1. Drill hole with drill bit.
2. Clean the hole and embed the drywall anchor through the object to be fixed. 3. Screw the self-tapping screw.
4. The fixing is done. 

Kit include:
5*60MM Anchor Screws 20PCS(White)
5* 80MM Anchor Screws 20PCS(White)
6*30MM Anchor Screws 40PCS(White)
6*25MM Anchor Screws 40PCS(Yellow) 6*30MM Anchor Screws 40PCS(Yellow)
6*40MM Anchor Screws 20PCS(Yellow)
8*40MM Anchor Screws 20PCS(Yellow)
6*26MM Anchor Screws 40PCS(Grey)
6*25MM Anchor Screws 40PCS(Green)
8*38MM Anchor Screws 20PCS(Green)
one-year product replacement warranty - No Risk.