• Penetrating high solids acrylic coating with unmatched bonding characteristics.

  • Durable, long lasting. Stands up to abrasion, hot tire pick up, hot and cold temperatures.

  • Satin sheen wet look finsih. Will bring out color in dulled substrates.

  • Can be used on poured concrete, stamped concrete, concrete pavers.

  • Great for exterior concrete driveways, patios and walkways.

The Armor AR350 is a solvent based acrylic wet look sealer that is designed to seal, enhance, and protect a variety of interior and exterior concrete and concrete paver surfaces. The Armor AR350 penetrates deep into the surface where it chemically bonds to the pores of the concrete and pavers, creating a long lasting, non-yellowing, breathable finish that enhances dull or faded surfaces by creating a darkened wet look, and low gloss finish.



  • Made from non-recycled US manufactured resins

  • Breathable, low VOC

  • Can be applied with a roller or sprayer

  • Non-yellowing and UV resistant

  • Will reduce concrete dusting and deterioration caused by surface abrasion

  • Offers resistance to water, stains, some chemicals, and salt damage

  • Offers superior adhesion to a variety of concrete and paver surfaces

  • Will bring out the color in dull or faded concrete and pavers by darkening them to give them a "wet look"

  • Offers a durable low gloss finish

  • Self-priming, easy recoat and low maintenance

  • When properly applied can last up to 2-5 years before the need for a recoat

  • Can be applied to unsealed surfaces, or surfaces previously sealed with a solvent based acrylic



When applied in clear, the Armor AR350 will darken the surface to bring out the natural coloring the concrete or pavers, and seal it with a transparent low gloss finish.

The actual level of gloss and enhancement received will depend on the type and age of the surface, age, porosity, condition, applicator, application method, and amount of material applied. For an accurate representation of what your surface will look like once sealed, we suggest applying the product to a test area first.

The Armor AR350 is designed for use on poured concrete, stamped concrete, aggregate concrete, and concrete paver surfaces. Do not apply this product to red clay brick, slate, flagstone, or other types of natural stone. If you are looking to seal red clay brick, slate, flagstone, or any other type of natural stone, consider instead the Armor WL550 or the Armor SX5000 WB.